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Introducing Alex Your specialized AWS Expert
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Leading various tech companies, I've consistently noted that the complexities of AWS are often underestimated, leading to increased costs, compromised infrastructure stability, and challenging deployments.

ElasticScale offers a solution by providing a flexible service that connects you directly to an AWS expert. Alex will manage your entire AWS workload, from planning to execution. This allows your team to focus solely on engineering tasks, ensuring peak productivity.

Subscription benefits Reap the rewards, skip the hassles

Cost efficiency

Average 30% savings on AWS via workload optimization and long-term reservations.

Flexible & scalable

Pause or cancel anytime; immediate project start options are available.

Fixed rate

Secure a stable, attractive monthly fee with no hidden costs, via Stripe.

Rapid start

Harness in-depth AWS know-how for a smooth, quick project initiation.


Faster, consistent deployments in various environments using automation.

Direct access

Connect directly with AWS Certified Professional—Alex, no middleman!

Customers I worked for over the years:

Exact Online
Airfrance KLM
Troostwijk Auctions

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Methodology Iterative steps


We kick off with an onboarding session to understand your AWS workload and identify focus areas. I'll analyze and propose various tasks to commence.


You’ll rank the tasks in order of importance, and I’ll start with the top-priority ones, giving you regular updates. Adjust priorities as needed.


I execute all tasks following AWS’s best practices, predominantly working asynchronously to avoid any disruptions and maintain workflow efficiency.

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