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AWS Elemental MediaStore cost saving tips Optimize your AWS Elemental MediaStore costs with these tips


Lifecycle Policy Usage

Automatically transition objects to lower cost storage classes such as GLACIER or DEEP_ARCHIVE based on access patterns to decrease storage costs.


Optimize Object Sizes

Encode media files efficiently to reduce object sizes and consequently lower storage costs.


Enable Rate Throttling

Control costs from excessive requests by enabling request rate throttling on your MediaStore containers. Refer to the AWS documentation for more details.

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About AWS Elemental MediaStore Service information & pricing

About AWS Elemental MediaStore

AWS Elemental MediaStore provides specialized storage services for heavy-duty media such as live video streaming. It manages high traffic, ensures viewer quality, and auto-scales for larger audiences. Key features include strict AWS IAM access controls, media ingestion via Amazon CloudFront, stream creation with chunked encoding, DRM from AWS Elemental Live, and low latency streaming platform development.

↗ More information on AWS website

AWS Elemental MediaStore pricing

Pricing for AWS Elemental MediaStore depends on Ingest Optimization fees per GB for content incoming to the service, Storage fees per GB/month for content stored, and requests type/quantity, like PUT, DELETE, LIST, GET etc., lifecycle transition, and data retrieval. Two storage types are offered: Standard and Infrequent Access, each priced differently. Prices vary regionally.

↗ More information on AWS website

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