Reduce your AWS DataSync
costs with these tips

These proven tips can save you up to 30% on AWS costs!

* Savings are averaged out across customers & services

AWS DataSync cost saving tips Optimize your AWS DataSync costs with these tips


Use DataSync Discovery

Analyze your on-premises storage with DataSync Discovery to optimize your AWS storage architecture. This aligns your storage services with your performance and budget needs.


Verify File Transfers

Minimize data retrieval costs by configuring DataSync tasks to verify only file transfers instead of the entire contents of storage locations.


Utilize S3 Storage Classes

Use S3 storage classes like S3 Intelligent-Tiering or S3 Glacier to archive rarely accessed data. This reduces storage costs while maintaining data availability.

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John Schrijvers
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About Alex I am your AWS cost saving guru, ready to slash your AWS costs!

As a CTO at various start-ups and scale-ups, I've seen too often how AWS costs can sneak up on you. It used to be something we'd only think about when there was a problem—either it wasn't working like we needed it to, or the expenses were through the roof. I took my know-how in AWS and made it my goal to change that. Now, I use a simple rule to make a big impact: focus on the few changes that make the biggest difference in cutting costs.

I look at your AWS bills with a fine-tooth comb and find where you can save money without losing performance. It's about being smart with your resources and making sure AWS works for you, not against you. By doing this, I help your teams do more with less, and make sure we keep your cloud spending in check.

About AWS DataSync Service information & pricing

About AWS DataSync

AWS DataSync is a secure service for quick, simplified data transfers. It provides full encryption and integrity validation for safe AWS transfers. The service automates scaling to cut on-premise data movement costs and manages data via bandwidth control, migration planning, and reporting. DataSync speeds up file and object data cloud migration for replication or archiving and allows transfers between on-premise and AWS, AWS storage services, and other areas.

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AWS DataSync pricing

AWS DataSync bills by GB, with rates varying by region, covering network acceleration, cloud management, data validation, and automation. No upfront or minimum fees. AWS DataSync Discovery, operating 31-day discovery jobs, is free. Extra charges may apply for data copying, Amazon S3 usage, Elastic File System, AWS PrivateLink, etc. Additional costs may be incurred for Amazon CloudWatch Logs, Metrics, Events, and inter-zone/regional Data Transfers, and the Secrets Manager for Discovery.

↗ More information on AWS website

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