Reduce your AWS CodeCommit
costs with these tips

These proven tips can save you up to 30% on AWS costs!

* Savings are averaged out across customers & services

AWS CodeCommit cost saving tips Optimize your AWS CodeCommit costs with these tips


Use Hourly Pricing

Take advantage of CodeCommit's hourly rates. Only pay for active use and delete unneeded repositories to avoid standby costs.


Optimize Repository Size

Remove unused files and commits from the repository over time. Larger repositories with unnecessary data may inflate storage costs.


Consolidate Repositories

Group related code in fewer, bigger repositories rather than many small ones. Lower costs can be achieved as CodeCommit's pricing depends on the number of repositories.

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“We found that our AWS costs were spiraling out of control. Following ElasticScale their advice we were able to save 60% on costs without compromising performance!”

John Schrijvers
John Schrijvers
CEO of Dataswitcher

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About AWS CodeCommit Service information & pricing

About AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit is a secure and scalable source control service hosting private Git repositories. It omits the need for your own source control servers, offering customizable user access, automatic file encryption, and high repository availability. It promotes coding collaboration and workflow integration like code reviews. Initially, 5,000 repositories can be created with an extra 25,000 upon request.

↗ More information on AWS website

AWS CodeCommit pricing

AWS CodeCommit offers a free tier for all users, including 5 active users/month, each with 5,000 repositories, 50GB storage, and 10,000 Git requests. Extra users also receive the same, but with 10GB storage and 2000 Git requests. Unused resources don't roll over. Storage overages cost $0.06/GB-month, Git requests $0.001/each.

↗ More information on AWS website

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