Reduce Amazon Rekognition
costs with these tips

These proven tips can save you up to 30% on AWS costs!

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Amazon Rekognition cost saving tips Optimize your Amazon Rekognition costs with these tips


Right-size Rekognition Use

Analyze your image and video analysis usage patterns to optimize your Rekognition resources, like the number of images analyzed and features used, based on your needs.


Use AWS Cost Explorer

Regularly use AWS Cost Explorer to review your Rekognition usage. This helps identify optimization opportunities to avoid overprovisioning resources.


Integrate with Amazon S3

Integrate with services like Amazon S3 for temporary image and video storage needs. It helps optimize resource allocation and minimize costs over time.

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John Schrijvers
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As a CTO at various start-ups and scale-ups, I've seen too often how AWS costs can sneak up on you. It used to be something we'd only think about when there was a problem—either it wasn't working like we needed it to, or the expenses were through the roof. I took my know-how in AWS and made it my goal to change that. Now, I use a simple rule to make a big impact: focus on the few changes that make the biggest difference in cutting costs.

I look at your AWS bills with a fine-tooth comb and find where you can save money without losing performance. It's about being smart with your resources and making sure AWS works for you, not against you. By doing this, I help your teams do more with less, and make sure we keep your cloud spending in check.

About Amazon Rekognition Service information & pricing

About Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition leverages machine learning for swift image recognition and video analysis. This cost-effective service enables analysis of vast media files, applying pre-set or custom computer vision APIs in apps, eliminating the need to create models from scratch. With features like face and celebrity recognition, video detection, and custom labeling, it aids business growth. Its functions include detecting unsuitable content, verifying online identities, and automating home alerts.

↗ More information on AWS website

Amazon Rekognition pricing

Amazon Rekognition offers four usage types: Image, Video, Custom Labels, and Face Liveness, each with unique pricing. Image usage costs include analysis, billed based on monthly volume, and face metadata storage supporting face/user search with monthly fees. The service offers a 12-month free tier for analysis and storage of a limited volume. Prices are based on usage, region, and API group.

↗ More information on AWS website

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