Reduce your Amazon ECR
costs with these tips

These proven tips can save you up to 30% on AWS costs!

* Savings are averaged out across customers & services

Elastic Container Registry cost saving tips Optimize your Elastic Container Registry costs with these tips


Prune Unused Images

Regularly delete unused images from your ECR repositories. Only storing actively used images can help reduce storage costs.


Use Lifecycle Policies

Leverage lifecycle policies to automatically delete images not tagged after a set period. This keeps your repositories clean and saves storage costs.


Perform ECR Image Scans

Employ ECR image scanning to identify vulnerabilities early. Resolving these issues proactively can save you from potential security-related costs.

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“We found that our AWS costs were spiraling out of control. Following ElasticScale their advice we were able to save 60% on costs without compromising performance!”

John Schrijvers
John Schrijvers
CEO of Dataswitcher

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About Elastic Container Registry Service information & pricing

About Elastic Container Registry

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is a fully managed storage and sharing service for container software. It offers 500MB of private storage/month for 1 year with AWS Free Tier. Users can push, pull, share, and download container images securely using any management tool, with auto encryption and access controls. ECR allows fast image distribution and helps manage software vulnerabilities, deployment workloads, and image lifecycle policies.

↗ More information on AWS website

Elastic Container Registry pricing

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is a managed, flexible-pricing container registry. No upfront fees are required and costs are based on data stored and transferred. GB/month storage and GB data transfer from private repositories are billed, while data transfer from public repositories has free limits. Pricing examples for different scenarios are provided.

↗ More information on AWS website

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