Reduce your Amazon Athena
costs with these tips

These proven tips can save you up to 30% on AWS costs!

* Savings are averaged out across customers & services

Amazon Athena cost saving tips Optimize your Amazon Athena costs with these tips


Compress & Partition Data

Compressing and partitioning your data based on common query filters reduces the amount of data scanned by Athena queries, lowering costs.


Use Columnar Formats

Using columnar formats like ORC and Parquet lets Athena read only necessary columns for a query, reducing data scanned and costs.


Analyze Query Performance

By reviewing query performance logs regularly, inefficient queries can be identified and optimized, improving performance and reducing costs.

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John Schrijvers
John Schrijvers
CEO of Dataswitcher

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About Alex I am your AWS cost saving guru, ready to slash your AWS costs!

As a CTO at various start-ups and scale-ups, I've seen too often how AWS costs can sneak up on you. It used to be something we'd only think about when there was a problem—either it wasn't working like we needed it to, or the expenses were through the roof. I took my know-how in AWS and made it my goal to change that. Now, I use a simple rule to make a big impact: focus on the few changes that make the biggest difference in cutting costs.

I look at your AWS bills with a fine-tooth comb and find where you can save money without losing performance. It's about being smart with your resources and making sure AWS works for you, not against you. By doing this, I help your teams do more with less, and make sure we keep your cloud spending in check.

About Amazon Athena Service information & pricing

About Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena is a serverless analytics service for easy, flexible analysis of large data. It supports diverse sources and frameworks with clear pricing, built on open-source engines. Without needing provisioning or setup, it's used for running queries, machine learning data prep, building reconciliation engines, and multicloud analytics. Companies such as FINRA, Siemens Mobility, Cargotec, and Betterment use Athena, with tutorials and FAQs available for beginners.

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Amazon Athena pricing

SQL queries within AWS are charged based on the amount of data scanned per query, rounded up to the nearest megabyte with a 10 MB minimum. There are no charges for Data Definition Language statements or failed queries, however, cancelled queries are billed for the total amount of data scanned. The cost can be reduced by up to 90% by compressing, partitioning, and converting your data into columnar formats, which also improves performance. The price for SQL queries is per TB of data scanned.

↗ More information on AWS website

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